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providing you with industry-leading digital video recorders and software suites

We are eager to help you find the right product regardless of your particular industry or use.  Two of the most popular and powerful software suites include countless options for image control and data collection.  The software is easy to begin using, but provides limitless options for the power user; including writing your own code as add-ons to compliment the software.

Solving Your Digital Vision Problems


Teledyne dalsa

Teledyne Dalsa offers three Sapera Vision software packages: Essential, Nitrous, and Architect Plus.  All three versions of Sapera integrate seamlessly with Teledyne Dalsa's cameras and frame-grabbers and well as over 450 cameras from over 50 different vendors.  All packages support image acquisition fro GigE Vision, Camera Link, parallel digital and analog cameras and are compatible with line and area scan models.

Sapera offers reliable image acquisition, control, and processing and analysis functions to design, develop, and utilize high-performance machine vision applications.  The software's integrate prototyping environment with intuitive user interface features over 400 acquisition, processing and analysis functions.

Below are some of the benefits of the Sapera software:

◾ Software libraries for image acquisition, display, and control

◾ Compatible with software applications writing in C++, C#, and Visual Basic

◾ Pattern Matching with high precision and noise tolerance

◾ Image Processing Filters (guassian, edge and line detection, and more)

◾ Geometric and Measurement functions to produce statistics and results

◾ A color tool with support for multiple color spaces (HSI, CIELAB, RGB, and YUV)

IO Industries

IO Industries offers low-power, portable DVRs that provide fully uncompressed recording with up to 2TB of removable solid-state storage capacity.  IO Industries CORE DVR can record embedded audio and metadata and can be synchronized to an external IRIG, GPS, or other external clock.  You can combine multiple COREs to control several synchronized cameras simultaneously.

There are 9 models available featuring:

◾ Camera-Link, GigE, Analog (S-video for NTSC/PAL), CoaXpress, or 3G-SDI inputs

◾ Connect to a computer using a 3Gb/s eSATA cable or choose the standalone model for even greater portability (requires external monitor connection)

◾ Connect up to 2 cameras to a single CORE

◾ Time-stamp recording on every frame

◾ Includes interactive and powerful COREView software and Streams7

     ◾ COREView provides a stream-lined intervace for adding multiple DVRs and

         cameras.  The software's signal manager provides control of timing from external

         time sources, the synchronization of multiple COREs, camera triggering, and

         signal generation.

     ◾ Streams 7 is designed to record data from multiple types of devices or data

         simultaneously.  Streams supports all cameras types and frame grabbers and a

         large list of GPS recievers, IRIG receivers, and other streaming devices.  The

         software allows for networking support for control of multiple video recording 

         workstations with compressed or cuncompressed recording as well as custom

         real-time image analysis during recording.  Common actions and operations can

         also be automated using its Python scripting interface